Ferrero argues with a Roma fan on Twitter, a question and answer to be censored

Ferrero litiga con tifoso romanista su Twitter, botta e risposta da censurare

Ferrero argues with a Roma fan on Twitter, a question and answer to be censored

GENOA – Lite social between the president of Sampdoria Massimo Ferrero and a Roma player at the end of the Sampdoria-Roma match ended on a score of 0-1 with a decisive goal by Daniele De Rossi. Ferrero decided to put himself on the same level as a Romanist fan who had quoted him in a message over the top to say the least.

Ferrero, question and answer with a Roma fan on Twitter. Here are the messages

Here is the social post of the Romanist fan in the Roman dialect (we censored the swear words): "We won, today someone was running, we hope that if I know you … PS Sampdoriano fan for 2 money, learn to cheer, if you have to offend and take for c … , do it while you largely win, not 0-0. SAMPDORIA M … @unavitadacinema (which is the nickname of Massimo Ferrero) attack ar c … ".

Immediately after, Massimo Ferrero's reply arrived. This is also very reprehensible and is written in a questionable Italian: "You have it so small that I don't even see it, but I can attack it." But if you want to sit on mine. Before talking about my Sampdorian fans, rinse your mouth … I Love You ".

Sampdoria sale, Massimo Ferrero sets the price: "Worth between 120-140 million".

"I gave Mediobanca a deadline, if there is someone who is really interested, it must come forward. The value of Sampdoria? Between 120-140 million ". President Massimo Ferrero spoke today in Bogliasco at the end of Marco Giampaolo's press conference. Your statements are listed on the ANSA website. "A lot of talk, but I never received a written offer," Ferrero said.

And on Giampaolo he explains: "As long as I am there I stay, because we are two little brothers. There is a relationship that goes beyond the figures of president and coach, we value each other so much. There are many projects in progress, especially in Bogliasco.
The four fields, the building of the first team, the hotel.
All these things that are my pride, my heart, my blood ”, Ferrero concluded.
(source: Ansa).

The Ferrero article argues with a Roma fan on Twitter, the question and answer to be censored seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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