Rizzoli meets Gattuso and Milan to admit the mistake, Alex Sandro was a penalty

Rizzoli incontra Gattuso e il Milan per ammettere l'errore, mano Alex Sandro era rigore

Rizzoli meets Gattuso and Milan to admit the error, hand Alex Sandro was a penalty (Sky Sports still image)

MILAN – Tomorrow, Monday 8 April at 11:00 am, a meeting is scheduled in the Lega Calcio in Milan between Rizzoli, arbitrator-designator, president Aia Nicchi and representatives of football clubs. It will be an opportunity to discuss with Gattuso (and perhaps Leonardo) the error of the referee Fabbri on the hands of Alex Sandro who was not punished with a penalty kick in favor of Milan. Error that the designator Rizzoli admitted and will try to explain to Milan.

Rizzoli admitted the referee Fabbri's mistake in Juventus-Milan.

As Sky Sport writes exclusively on his website, the referee Fabbri is not entirely convinced that Alex Sandro's arm is quite "wide": he checks and rechecks and lingers on the moment of impact when the arm is closed underneath the armpit, but it is still moved forward at the end of a movement that is perhaps not very avoidable, but certainly flashy and done with the clear intention of opposing a cross (parameter on which Rizzoli has often beaten as an indication of guilt).

In short, in front of a clear feeling of rigor, Fabbri commits an excess of zeal going to look for something that ends up distancing him from the reality of the episode. A mistake, perhaps not as serious as that of Abisso in Fiorentina-Inter (penalty awarded to the viola for a touch with the chest of Danilo D'Ambrosio on a cross by Federico Chiesa) but with a common denominator: for both it was the first real bank Trial in a high level competition.
(source Sky Sports).

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