Falcao pulls Cristiano Ronaldo’s ears: “We need respect for the coach”

Falcao tira le orecchie a Cristiano Ronaldo: "Serve rispetto per l'allenatore"

Paulo Roberto Falcao greets the Giallorossi fans at the Olimpico (Ansa)

ROME – Even the "divine" Paulo Roberto Falcao pulls the ears to Cristiano Ronaldo . True Romanist legend, unreachable director of the 80s, the Brazilian is still aware of Italian things. Not excluding those from Juventus, he who was one of the very few who managed to make the Bianconeri skip a round with regards to championships.

"When a player is replaced, he must have respect for the coach and the team-mate who will take his place. It is valid for all players, therefore also for CR7 ", stated in the interview with Leggo.it No discounts, therefore, not even for the Portuguese superhero.

Moreover, in an interview it is easier, because then you want to say to make room for someone else to a man closer to the profile of a multinational than to that of a footballer. It is the thought of Lele Adani, who accused her of hypocrisy Fabio Capello: if Juve had not won then, the target would have become ipso facto Sarri.

Which is the whole esteem of Falcao, however. By the way, better Conte or Sarri? The Brazilian answers ecumenical, but between the lines we understand who prefers: "It depends. The greatness of a coach is that of knowing how to bring out the best from his players. I like the technicians who always and in any case aim to win and never make calculations ". He likes Sarri the most.

Honey is also reserved for former enemy Juventus: "It's just a strong team and has an incredible society behind it. They always know what to do, how to behave and how to manage players ".

A thought finally to his Rome: "I hope it will get as high as possible. I think there is a good project, but now we must insist and follow the new Fonseca technician ". (source Leggo.it)

The Falcao article pulls the ears to Cristiano Ronaldo: "We need respect for the coach" seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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