Francesco Totti, future prosecutor: business meeting in London

Francesco Totti procuratore incontro lavoro Londra

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti in the photo Ansa

ROME – Francesco Totti is ready to return to the world of football with a new look. The former Roma football player and manager is studying as a prosecutor. He wants to use his football knowledge to discover the new champions of tomorrow and to sell them to the highest bidder. For this reason, the trip to London with Ilary and some friends was not just a holiday but also an opportunity to have business meetings.

To carry out this profession on an international scale, Totti is perfecting his English and is working closely with David Manasseh , British prosecutor co-founder of the Stellar Group agency. According to what is written by the weekly "Chi", the agency of Totti, which will have its base of operations in Rome, will in fact have a direct collaboration with the Stellar Group, which also among its founders is Jonathan Barnett, nominated by Forbes the agent most powerful sportsman in the world.

This new football job will not put an end to Francesco Totti's television commitments. The former captain of Rome does not want to give up his television career, he just wants to add to that of football now that he no longer has any ties with a single football team like Rome was.

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