Fabio Tucciariello, killed by rival ultras. The prefect wants to withdraw the two teams from the championship

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ROME – A real premeditated ambush. To say it is the prefect of Potenza, Annunziato Vardè, speaking of the accidents between the fans of Vultur Rionero and Melfi (Lucanian Excellence) who, yesterday, Sunday 19 January, led to the death of a vulturino fan, Fabio Tucciariello , 39 years old, hit by a car with three Melfitan fans on board, in Vaglio di Basilicata (Potenza).

Another 28-year-old Vultur Rionero fan, hospitalized in the San Carlo hospital of the Lucanian capital, was seriously injured in the investment.

The prefect of Potenza, at the end of the meeting of the committee for public order and safety, also asked Vultur Rionero and Melfi (Lucanian football excellence) to evaluate “the hypothesis of withdrawal from the championship. Companies – added the prefect – must isolate the violent ".

Hypothesis, that of the withdrawal, however rejected by the president of Vultur Rionero Mario Grande:

“Companies are an injured party in these cases: they are actions that damage our work. I exclude the withdrawal of the team from the championship, because there are many sacrifices from the companies, which cannot be nullified in this way. We will go on, trying to do even more to make everyone aware of a healthy sport ".

“We are stunned – added Grande – it is a very difficult moment. We will do everything possible so that a football match can be brought back to its natural moment of joy and sport. We always have our fans at the matches, we are our twelfth man on the pitch and we are one of the few top clubs to have supporters in tow: nothing has ever happened. "

Source: Ansa.

Video source: Vista Agency / Alexander Jakhnagiev.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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