Ernie Brandts attacks Bettega in his autobiography: “He offered me money to make him score”

AMSTERDAM (HOLLAND) – After Chiellini's, another autobiography is making the world of football discuss.

This is that of Ernie Brandts , a former star of the Dutch national football team.

In his book, Brandts makes serious insinuations about the former blue Bettega.

The former Dutch national team refers to his team's 2-1 win against Italy in the 1978 Argentinian World Cup .

Here is the passage where Brandts attacks Bettega :

Bettega came up to me and said to me:

Brandts! Brandts! Let me mark it.

He fired figures in lire, in dollars.

Beside me was Ruud Krol, who heard everything and told me in a low voice to pretend nothing, not to answer .

So I did.

But Bettega, an internationally renowned striker, did not give up:

Brandts, he said, let me do the 2-2….

With the 2-2 you go to the final the same. He announced dizzying figures, but I kept pretending nothing. "

Thanks to this success, Holland qualified for the World final which then lost to Argentina.

Italy instead was forced to stop in the semifinal, one step away from the final.

The blues were also defeated in the final for third and fourth place against Brazil.

The verdeoro won two by one, the network signed by Causio was not enough for Italy.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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