Did Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo get married? The clue on Instagram

Georgina Rodriguez e Cristiano Ronaldo si sono sposati? L'indizio su Instagram

Georgina Rodriguez celebrated her 26th birthday with Cristiano Ronaldo and her children (photo from Instagram)

TURIN – Did Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo get married? They both posted comments on Instagram that suggest yes. Yesterday Georgina turned 26, celebrated her family birthday with Cristiano Ronaldo and their children. Then Rodriguez wrote a post on Instagram, to celebrate this event, where she called Cristiano Ronaldo "husband". Let's report it below.

Georgina Rodriguez calls Ronaldo "husband", he replies calling her "wife": did they get married ?.

“Happy for me, very happy. I can't ask for more of my life. A lot of health for my family and for me to always be able to enjoy it. Thank you all for your best wishes, flowers and lots of love. And thanks to my husband for giving me the best in life, our children. I love them". Was it an error or an oversight by Georgina?

Then the errors or the oversights are two because then after Cristiano Ronaldo he replied calling her "wife". Here is the message published on Instagram by the champion of Juventus and the Portuguese national team.

"Have a nice day! You are a fantastic wife and an excellent mother to our children. I love you so much honey! ”. But that's not all, Georgina will regularly participate in the Sanremo Festival despite someone having spread the news of a possible flat rate. Will Cristiano Ronaldo follow you from the front row of Ariston? This is not yet known …

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