Napoli-Juventus, Varriale attacks Sarri: “Presumptuous with the trident, Gattuso gave him a tactical lesson”

Napoli-Juventus, Varriale attacca Sarri: "Presuntuoso con il tridente, Gattuso gli ha inflitto una lezione tattica"

Napoli-Juventus, the home players celebrate the victory against the team coached by Maurizio Sarri, great ex of the match (photo Ansa)

ROME – The post published on Twitter by Enrico Varriale , deputy director of Rai Sport, after Naples-Juventus has sparked a sea of ​​controversy. While the whole world was shocked by the sudden death of Kobe Bryant, Varriale kept us to express his point of view on the game just ended at the San Paolo stadium in Naples. We report his social considerations that triggered an authentic storm.

Enrico Varriale's post after Napoli-Juventus with criticisms of Maurizio Sarri.

“In a hitherto nightmarish championship @sscnapoli there is the whim to beat @juventusfc
. Defensive perfect game of #Gattuso that inflicts a tactical lesson on #Sarri presumptuous in deploying the harmless trident. Best in the field @Lor_Insigne
, try as a true captain ".

Varriale has been criticized by both Juventus fans and some Napoli fans. The Juventus fans basically accused him by writing: “As a journalist you should be impartial, take off your Napoli scarf when you write something on Twitter or on social networks. Then let's go back to the team for which you support, ok you beat Juventus but this year too you will end the season without having won anything. You had to fight for the championship, where are you instead? ".

The Rai journalist has also been criticized by some Napoli fans: “You talk about Sarri saying that he is a presumptuous one, meanwhile with this presumptuous one we were fighting for the Scudetto, instead this year, without him, we are having a mediocre championship. It also takes historical memory in football … anything but presumptuous, Sarri is a great coach … ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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