Coronavirus, Valladolid refuses swabs: “There are those out there who need it most”

VALLADOLID (SPAIN) – Valladolid, a Spanish football club chaired by former Inter footballer Ronaldo , has refused the swab kit supplied by the Spanish Liga to make them available to the most needy.

The Valladolid press note is reported by

“La Liga offered us the tests but we didn't take them for medical and social reasons. No player has presented any symptoms and we believe there are people out there who are far less wealthy than us who need it much more than we do.

They are the people who should have priority. There is the life of many people at stake – Rubiales continued at the press conference – it seems out of place to use tests on players when there are people who need them.

The result for the player is the same, if they are positive and do not exhibit severe symptoms they will be confined to their home. Testing the players is absolutely anti-patriotic in these conditions. "

At this moment, the Spanish Liga is still as well as Serie A and the other main European leagues for the coronavirus emergency. Valladolid is fifteenth in the standings.

If the Spanish league ended today, Valladolid would be untrue. In this case, Ronaldo's club would have achieved its seasonal goal.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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