Coronavirus, Perugia Calcio telephones long-standing subscribers

PERUGIA- "Hello? I am the goalkeeper of Perugia , we wanted to know how you are ".

Thus began the call from Guglielmo Vicario, goalkeeper of the Grifo, addressed to two special fans of the Umbrian club, Paola and Paolo.

"But is it a joke?", The hot reply of the red and white fan interlocutor. The original initiative was conceived by the Perugia Calcio marketing office and in the next few hours other club players will be protagonists to maintain contact and closeness with their subscribed fans, forced to pass the isolation in their homes for the Coronavirus.

"You are old subscribers, we wanted to know how you were these days," added Vicar. After realizing that it was not a joke and that there was actually their favorite on the other side of the phone, the two spouses broke up: "Paola, there is the goalkeeper of Perugia who wants to talk to you".

Then the receiver went to the woman who melted so: "How are we? Very bad, we are at home, but how nice to talk to you today. How has the season gone so far? I am a 55 year old subscriber, for me Perugia is everything ”.

Appointment then to the next training, when you can finally return to cheer and ask for an autograph to your idols. (source ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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