Coronavirus, Selvaggia Lucarelli attacks Dybala: “To him the swab, not to the dying …”

ROME – Tough post published on Facebook by Selvaggia Lucarelli after the news of positivity to the coronavirus of Paulo Dybala and the girlfriend of the Argentine footballer Oriana Sabatini.

Lucarelli does not go around it: "They are well and are asymptomatic, so I ask myself: why not the swab to them and the dying?".

In fact, if Dybala and his girlfriend had not done so, they would never have discovered that they are suffering from coronavirus because they are just asymptomatic.

“I demand explanations as to why in Lombardy they are not making tampons to dying people at home and Dybala, girlfriend and" another person "(both he and the two asymptomatic therefore), were able to make tampons.

Now I want to know why there is a preferential lane for VIPs, whether they are footballers, journalists, conductors and children of managers (the son of Tronchetti Provera who was asymptomatic to say one)

Health should not privilege anyone and that this happens while hundreds of people call desperate to ask for tampons for people who are sick, it makes me inca ** er to unheard of levels.

Is there a way to swab privately and for a fee? Well, tell us where to buy the kits or the service. Or should only Dybala know?

Is there no way to do it privately and do they do it in public facilities? Worse still.

Public facilities could not do it to those who present there with mild symptoms, let alone asymptomatic.

And if Dybala does it in a private clinic thanks to Juve, then there are journalists like Porro who did it at Spallanzani, a public facility.
This story must end.

Clarity, ca ** o.
Or all or none. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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