Coronavirus, Cellino: “Championship finished. Does Lotito want the Scudetto? Diamoglielo “

ROME – Massimo Cellino takes the field against Claudio Lotito , "captain" of the team of those who want to resume the championship.

So Cellino takes the side of Marotta and the doctors who made it clear that there is no need to continue playing football. On the other hand, there were nearly 800 coronavirus victims yesterday.

But not only, exponents of the world of football infected with coronavirus increase exponentially. Yesterday it was the turn of the Maldini, father and son, and Paulo Dybala, the third Juventus player positive for the coronavirus.

Cellino attacked Lotito with the following statements made to

“But what recovery, but what season to end, I think of next year, only that. The cup, the scudetto … Lotito wants it, if he takes it. He is convinced that he has an unbeatable team, let's leave him this idea.

I have had a fever for three days and have been in quarantine for eleven. Closed at home in Padenghe sul Garda, I am alone. My wife Francesca is stuck in Cagliari, I have a son in Milan, the others outside.

I have seen and heard things that you cannot even imagine. From Brescia I constantly receive news, and they are all crazy, yet the city is facing the tragedy with an embarrassing dignity.

These people ripped my heart out. He has parents, relatives, friends, acquaintances who die every day and yet suffer terribly but in silence. She asks for help only to herself. Others are the numbers, not the official ones, others the dimensions.

If it had happened elsewhere, the revolution would have broken out. He has only one desire, to get back to work, to start living again. And do you want to talk about the championship, the championship? I don't give a sh …

I'm afraid to leave the house, I'm having depression. " (source Il Corriere dello Sport).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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