Coronavirus, Ibrahimovic trains at home with circuits and exercise bikes

Coronavirus, Ibrahimovic si allena in casa con circuiti e cyclette

Coronavirus, Ibrahimovic trains at home with circuits and exercise bikes (Instagram photo)

MILAN – The coronavirus has stopped the Serie A championship and the trainings of the players in the sports centers of the teams but has not stopped the home ones.

All Serie A players have a personalized training plan to be carried out at home. Many of them have gyms or gym tools in their luxury homes.

Even Ibrahimovic is no exception. The Milan champion is following the #restoAcasa, a hashtag made famous by an anti-coronavirus awareness campaign on social networks, and is uploading some images of his home workouts to Instagram.

Ibrahimovic is training a lot with the exercise bike, excellent as a cardio exercise, and with circuits that allow him both to get moving, to stay agile, and to maintain his impressive muscle mass.

What are the circuits? They are a series of exercises that are performed in series without any rest between them. A small example: biceps with dumbbells, immediately after abs, immediately after lateral raises with dumbbells, immediately after abs, etc. etc.

After the circuit, which lasts about 10-15 minutes, 3 to 5 minutes of rest are expected. Then we start with another circuit with some small differences in the exercises compared to the first.

An athlete should undergo at least three circuits per day. Ibrahimovic is perfectly following the directives given by Milan's athletic trainers to conclude the current championship, as soon as possible, in the best way.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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