Fabio Cannavaro: “Here is how China defeated the coronavirus. In Dubai they treated me like a plague “

Fabio Cannavaro: "Ecco come la Cina ha sconfitto il coronavirus. A Dubai mi hanno trattato come un appestato"

Fabio Cannavaro: “Here's how China has defeated the coronavirus. In Dubai they treated me like a plague "(photo Ansa)

BEIJING (CHINA) – While the coronavirus is spreading like wildfire here, in China, where they have practically defeated it, we return to playing football.

A few hours after the resumption of the Chinese championship, Fabio Cannavaro, who is the Guangzhou coach, was interviewed by the Gazzetta dello Sport to talk about football but also about the coronavirus.

Cannavaro began his story by talking about the pre-season retreat in Dubai.

«In Dubai they treated me like a plague. So I said, "I made three tampons and you? Nothing. Stay away you are dangerous ", but in the end I laugh about it».

Then the return to China, here's how they managed to defeat the coronavirus.

“As soon as the epidemic broke out in Wuhan, everything was organized perfectly. I slept in our new sports center, but as soon as I moved to go home, they checked my temperature.

So when I took the ring road. On the highway tolls were not paid to avoid creating queues. At the exit another check and the same thing when I got home.

We are talking about Guangzhou, 20 million inhabitants, a thousand kilometers away from the region of the outbreak. Yes, the Chinese one is a model to be replicated. Here the sense of community prevailed, even at the cost of sacrifices. In Italy we have understood it best of all, even if someone has a hard time understanding ».

The former defender takes as an example that of his father:

«My dad tends not to understand that we have to change habits. He has to buy cigarettes from the tobacconist to have a chat with friends.

I made him understand that he risked the infection and could have brought it home to his mother. You don't really have to move. It is good for the governor of Campania, De Luca, to be severe ».

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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