Coronavirus, gyms adapt to the emergency: limited number of lessons, halved weight room …

Coronavirus, le palestre si adeguano all'emergenza: lezioni a numero chiuso, sala pesi dimezzata...

Coronavirus, gyms adapt to emergencies: limited number of lessons, weight room halved … (photo ANSA)

ROME – Dispenser with disinfectants, 'closed number' lessons and greater distance in the weight room. These are the precautions put in place by some gyms in Rome in the aftermath of the new measures to deal with the coronavirus .

“Our gyms are regularly open this morning – explains Elisabetta Canafoglia general manager of a fitness chain that has six structures in Rome including one in Villa Borghese – We try to respect the new indications as much as possible. For some time now we have installed disinfectant dispensers in all rooms and at night the rooms are sanitized ".

In addition, we try to "minimize contact between customers with 'limited number' fitness classes, halving the number of participants and thus allowing the distance of about a meter and a half – he adds – There is also the obligation of 'towel for customers and in the weight room the machines can be used one yes and the other no. We are now waiting to understand the indications for combat sports. Our intention – assures the general manager – is to make up for the missed lessons if it were to close the children's course ”.

For gyms it is "economically damaging" he underlines explaining that in the last month there has been a drop "of about 30 percent" and that today there is "much less people than usual". (source ANSA)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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