Tottenham, Dier as Cantona: goes to the stands to face the VIDEO fan

Tottenham, Dier come Cantona: sale in tribuna per affrontare tifoso VIDEO

Tottenham, Dier as Cantona: goes to the stands to face the fan (freeze frame from YouTube video)

LONDON (ENGLAND) – Eric Dier as Eric Cantona shortly after Tottenham's elimination from the FA CUP at the hands of Norwich City, the Premier League's tail light. Dier went up to the stands to face the fan who throughout the match insulted him and his brother heavily. In England, there are no protective barriers between the stands and the pitch, so it was not difficult for Dier to reach the fan.

Physical contact between Dier and the fan was prevented only by the prompt intervention of the stadium stewards. In the case of Cantona, things went decidedly differently. The former Manchester United footballer was insulted by a fan who sat in the front row.

Cantona didn't think twice and hit him suddenly with a flying kick. Eric Dier could not do the same because the fan was not sitting in the front row. On the way to reach it, he was literally tackled by the sports facility stewards.

Despite this, Dier still faces an exemplary disqualification. He is a footballer of the English national team and cannot represent a bad example for people who admire him from the stands and on television.

At the end of the match, Mourinho commented on his player's gesture: “He was wrong. This is out of the question. He is a professional footballer and cannot behave in this way but it must also be said that it is not easy to hear such heavy insults against you and your family "(YouTube video).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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