Coronavirus, Cobolli Gigli attacks Cristiano Ronaldo: “Away for the mother, sunbathing by the pool”

TURIN – Former Juventus president Giovanni Cobolli Gigli has attacked both the black and white club and Cristiano Ronaldo hard, sparking controversy on social networks.

According to Cobolli Gigli, Juventus made a mistake in letting his players leave abroad. The original sin was committed with Cristiano Ronaldo: "He returned to Portugal for his mother and now he shows up on social media while sunbathing by the pool …".

Once Ronaldo was given permission, Juve was forced to grant it to Higuain, Bentancur, Douglas Costa, Pjanic and Khedira as well.

According to Cobolli Gigli, these "leaks" abroad are counterproductive. When the players return to Turin, they will have to spend a period of precautionary isolation causing the Juventus club to lose further time.

Cobolli Gigli spoke during an interview with Radio Punto Nuovo. His statements are reported by

“I don't understand why the players left Italy, when they return they won't be able to resume immediately because they will have to stay in quarantine.

Everything degenerated starting from Cristiano Ronaldo who left saying he had to go to his mother and now he shows himself only in the pool.

Granted permission to him, then it was done with Higuain and gradually with everyone else. Juve style or not, it shouldn't be done: they had to stay in the hotel in quarantine. And even the Inter players should not have left. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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