Coronavirus, Cellino furioso: “I don’t give a damn about Merkel and UEFA. We are still in the time of Gea “

BRESCIA – Hard outburst of the president of Brescia Massimo Cellino during an interview with Teletutto.

Cellino's declarations are reported by

“This is no longer my football, this is a football without a future.

And being president in Italy has become impossible.

And I can no longer accept that I am still in the time of the Gea: it is like sitting at a table playing cards with your opponent who hides good cards in his sleeve and uses fake money.

I don't care anymore if they come back to play or not, they do what they want.

And that they stop exploiting my statements: my line has always been clear.

Are we waiting for Merkel's decisions? It is shameful.

Do we have a president of the league, one of the federation, one of the cones and a minister of sport and are we waiting for the others?

I don't care about Merkel and UEFA: Italy must decide autonomously, we are without dignity.

And that they decide quickly why I no longer accept this continuous delay.

It was enough to sit at a table and divide the burden equally and think about the safe restart.

But no one gives up because this football full of debts has already spent money not yet collected ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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