Alex Schwazer, farewell Olympic dream: disqualification confirmed until 2024

LAUSANNE (SWITZERLAND) – The eight-year ban imposed on Alex Schwazer is final .

The court of the Swiss Confederation of Lausanne has rejected the request to cancel the disqualification submitted in the autumn of 2019.

“For me, the priority remains the Bolzano process where I play everything and then we will see the sports process that still takes second place. For me the important thing is to be acquitted flatly in Bolzano ”.

This was said by speaking to the AGI, Alex Schwazer commenting on the decision taken by the Swiss Confederation Court of Lausanne to reject the request to cancel the eight-year ban imposed in August in 2016 for recidivism to the use of doping.

Shortly before this decision, Schwazer had said he was confident and still hoped to be able to participate in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

Below are the latest public statements from Schwazer before this final sentence that only came today.

“Yes the hope of going to Tokyo is there. The request for an urgent suspension, not the ordinary one, has only been rejected by the Lausanne court, so we are going on our way very confident.

There will be further judicial examinations which we could then insert into the proceedings in Switzerland.

I have not lost trust at all, quite the contrary. I train.

I trained this morning, I believe it but it's not an obsession, it never was.

I am disqualified until 2024 so we try, what is the most important thing for me is to come out innocent from the judicial proceedings here in Bolzano.

Then I will continue to train, I will test with my coach and we will try to do the best we can in the request in Lausanne "(sources AGI and Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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