Coronavirus, also Barcelona-Naples towards the postponement

Coronavirus, anche Barcellona-Napoli verso il rinvio

Coronavirus, also Champions League Barcelona-Naples towards the postponement

BARCELONA (SPAIN) – A week in the Champions League between Barcelona and Naples is missing but after the postponement of Inter-Getafe and Sevilla-Roma it seems unlikely that it will run smoothly.

The Europa League matches have been postponed following a decree issued by the Spanish government to combat coronavirus infection. Spain has banned flights to and from Italy.

“The restrictive measure applies to all direct flights from the Italian Republic to the Kingdom of Spain, with the exception of state flights, stopovers for non-commercial purposes (therefore without disembarkation or embarkation of passengers).

Positional flights (therefore without passengers and only to position the aircraft for a subsequent operation), freight flights, flights for humanitarian purposes, medical flights or emergency flights ".

Coronavirus, also Champions League Barcelona-Naples towards the postponement: that's why.

It is unlikely that the situation will improve within a week. If everything remained as it is, the match between Barcelona and Naples could not take place. Napoli is thinking of a plan B but it is not easy to implement.

The Campanians were evaluating the possibility of arriving by plane in Portugal and then reaching Spain by other means but the Portuguese government has just issued a decree similar to the Spanish one.

So Barcelona-Napoli could only be played in another country, on a neutral field but it will not be easy to find a venue that will suit both clubs.

Otherwise, the tender would be postponed until a later date and would be recovered in Barcelona as soon as possible.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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