Serie A, playoffs and playouts: here are the teams that would participate

Serie A, playoff e playout: ecco le squadre che parteciperebbero

Serie A, playoffs and playouts: here are the teams that would participate

ROME – The participants in the extraordinary assembly of the FIGC have developed several hypotheses to complete the championship, one of the most suggestive concerns the playoff game to assign the championship and that of the playouts to select the teams relegated to Serie B.

Today further details emerge on this hypothesis. There would be no time to expand the playoffs to eight teams so they should only be open to the top four of the league table. Same goes for the playouts that should only concern the last four of the championship.

It is a decision that is being discussed because from the playoffs the Scudetto would remain out of Rome, which is only three points behind Atalanta with many games still to be played, while in the lower areas of the standings, Sampdoria would be saved despite the only advantage on Genoa and Lecce, which instead would be sentenced to playouts.

But in this emergency situation it is very difficult to please everyone. We report below the hypothesis formulated on the playoffs and on the playouts. There would be no time to play round-trip matches so teams should compete in the dry game at the home of the highest ranked team.

The decision on the Italian Cup that should be awarded next summer through a final four with Juventus, Milan, Inter and Napoli does not change. The Italian Super Cup would take place as in the last seasons in the winter period.

Scudetto playoff.

  • Juventus-Atalanta
  • Lazio-Inter
  • Final: the winners of the two games. It would also be played in this case at the home of the team that is ahead in the standings.

Playout to not go back to Serie B.

  • Genoa-Brescia
  • Lecce-Spal
  • The losers would go to Serie B, while the winners would compete in the final. The winner of the final would be saved, while the loser of the final would go to Serie B. In this way the three teams that would relegate to Serie B would be selected.

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