Conte and the strange right of Inter players to insult the referee. Immunity and whining

Conte e lo strano diritto dei giocatori dell'Inter di insultare l'arbitro. Immunità e piagnistei

Lautaro Martinez barely detained in Inter-Cagliari (Ansa)

ROME – Conte the winner does not know how to lose. And not even jogging. And at the third point in three games the head goes on its own, followed by the heart, so much so that in the highly excited post-match the Inter doctors had to give him a tablet for a principle of tachycardia.

Better that way, at least he has spared us another press conference of whining and recriminations, the race direction of course, the short bench, the asphyxiated market … His team no longer knows how to win, on the other hand it follows him as one man in the final hunt to the referee, guilty of expelling the center forward Lautaro who had first challenged him head to head with a bad nose and then sent to that country or had insulted his mother, you do.

For the coach, obviously the insults to the referee are part of the technical baggage of his players. Until they put their hands on him, everything is worth. What an injustice to be thrown out for a different conception of etiquette!

At the end of the day, Taurus shows that to err is human but to apologize is not for losers. “Sad for today's situation. Go ahead and learn. I apologize to all Inter, "the Argentine center forward posted on Instagram, who at least his, that is, a goal, had done so. A disqualification (yellow plus red) will await him, which will make him lose the derby with Milan and a salty fine from the club.

Disqualification which risks being extended to more than one Nerazzurri member. The referee's report is awaited. Who must necessarily take into account the final assault on his person.

At the final whistle the whole Nerazzurri bench poured out to protest Manganiello : Berni, D'Ambrosio and Ranocchia were among the most agitated, while Conte, who led the assault as a furious leader, was barely restrained by the team manager Oriali (other hardening, other class).

Is it worth remembering that none of these can legitimately invoke the justification of the competitive trance? There are even rumors of a spit from Ranocchia.

Nervousness and susceptibility risk turning a good coach into his parody. Tarantolato on the sidelines yesterday was for the whole match, it was all a protest and hurry up for any arbitration decision. What if fury was the mask of fear? Meanwhile Naingolan was raging, Lazio was about to put the arrow of overtaking, Juve was preparing to lose without paying duty. (source Tim Serie A)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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