China, six players go to drink in violation of the rules on coronavirus: suspended

SHANGHAI (CHINA) – Six players of the Chinese Under 19 national team have violated the rules on coronavirus for a good night.

China's Under 19 team participates in the equivalent of our Serie C.

The goal is to quickly grow these young people to make them the next stars in China.

To accelerate their growth, you cannot make them play together only a few times a year in the breaks of the Chinese championship.

So the Chinese Football Federation decided to select the best young people in the country and let them play together continuously in the third division.

Some of these young people are gifted with great talent but also with a crazy head.

In fact, six China U-19 players left the Shanghai training camp to get high in a good night.

These players secretly left the hotel at midnight.

Then they went to a well-known Shanghai nightclub to drink and have fun until dawn.

Unfortunately for them, they were discovered by the leaders of the Chinese Under 19 national team.

The Chinese federation, which cares a lot about this selection under 19 in view of the Tokyo Olympics, has decided to punish them in an exemplary way.

The six players have been suspended for six months.

During this time they will not be able to change teams and will be available again for next November (source

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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