Cristiano Ronaldo, 1.3 million villa in Marbella with maxi swimming pool and cinema. His neighbor is Conor McGregor

MARBELLA (SPAIN) – Spain has remained in the heart of Cristiano Ronaldo.

For this reason, the Portuguese champion has purchased a luxury villa in Marbella.

It is an exclusive area where only VIPs live.

Not surprisingly, Ronaldo's neighbor is UFC champion Conor McGregor.

To purchase this villa, with a giant swimming pool and built-in cinema, Cr7 spent £ 1.3 million.

There are four bedrooms in this villa.

Ronaldo chose it because when he goes on vacation he is always followed by many people.

From his relatives, to the servants up to the bodyguards.

The Marbella villa is added to a personal property worth 27 million pounds.

Ronaldo can afford it because he receives a pharaonic salary from Juventus and also has numerous sponsors.

The most important is Nike with which he signed a lifetime contract worth 800 million pounds.

The Cr7 villa, the McGregor villa and the others in the area make up this luxury housing complex with a total value of £ 15 million.

This exclusive VIP area in Marbella has been nicknamed "The Superstars Cul De Sac".

The villas, which boast breathtaking views of the Mediterranean, are located on a golf course with LED paths, private gyms, cinemas and gigantic pools (source

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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