Chelsea, Terry and the background on Mourinho: “He threatened to give me up in front of everyone”

LONDON (ENGLAND) – José Mourinho and John Terry have written indelible pages in the history of Chelsea .

Together they won ten trophies (three Premier League , one Fa Cup , four league cups and two Community Shields ).

The Portuguese coach and the former Chelsea flag have always gone in love and agreement but there was a time when Special One was literally furious with JT.

Terry himself tells it through a live broadcast with his Instagram fans .

“This anecdote concerns that pre-season where Chelsea had just bought Fabregas and Diego Costa .

With two players of this caliber, we could not make a mistake in training matches or they would have punished us immediately.

Instead, in one of these games, Cahill and I were playing really badly. Especially when setting up .

Mourinho wanted defenders who knew how to do their job in marking but who were also capable of setting the game from behind.

In the marking phase , we had not made serious mistakes but in the setting phase we were really wrong .

So Mourinho stopped the game to scold us: “You have to stop giving the ball to your opponents. If you continue, I give you up and with one hundred million I buy two more defenders. "

In reality Mourinho esteemed us a lot, he did it only to encourage us and he did well because from then on we became an unsurpassed defensive couple "(source

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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