Matthijs de Ligt challenges his girlfriend AnneKee Molenaar on social media: who speaks better Italian?

TURIN – Matthijs de Ligt increasingly social. The baby phenomenon of Juventus and the Dutch national team has decided to challenge his girlfriend AnneKee Molenaar during a direct on Instagram.

A few days ago, AnneKee Molenaar had uploaded a video on Instagram with de Ligt singing the Beatles ' "Hey Jude" from their home balcony. A singing performance that had collected many likes.

De Ligt started this live on Instagram with a challenge on words in Italian with his fiancée.

“Hi guys, I'm Matthijs. Instead she is AnneKee Molenaar. Now we make a challenge to study Italian words.

My Italian is not very good, but we try. Now we have here a sheet with many different and also very difficult Italian words ".

After the challenge, always in the same Instagram live, De Ligt told his fans a little:

I would like to speak Italian with my teammates but at the moment it is not possible, because now obviously I don't see anyone from the club and therefore I do little practice .

My fiancee speaks Italian better than I do. Every day I try to learn and speak Italian with her too.

Italy is famous for its food, in fact it is all very good but my favorite dish is pizza.

Although I like it a lot, I try not to eat it now that I am in quarantine with no games to play …

My favorite city ? There are several, but I must say that Miami exalts me … it is truly beautiful!

My favorite movie ? I really like cinema but if I have to choose only one film I say “ The Gladiator.

I love dogs. When we get home our dogs come to meet us. One comes to me and one goes to Annekee. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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