Chapecoense, a journalist Rafael Henzel who died of a heart attack and survived the crash

Chapecoense, morto d'infarto il giornalista Rafael Henzel sopravvissuto allo schianto aereo

Chapecoense, a journalist Rafael Henzel who died of a heart attack and survived the crash

CHAPECO '- Fate played a bad joke on Rafael Henzel. The Brazilian journalist and radio speaker, who was also in charge of the Chapecoense communication, survived the plane crash where 71 people, including players, crew, staff and media representatives from Chapecoense lost their lives but died of a heart attack, on a soccer field, at 45, while playing soccer with friends.

Chapecoense, Rafael Henzel is dead: the release of the Brazilian club

The Brazilian club wanted to remember him on social media with a statement that moved everyone: "La Chapecoense expresses its deep condolences and all the consternation for the news of the death of the journalist Rafael Henzel, which took place on Tuesday night". Chapecoense promptly requested the CBF to postpone the match against Criciúma, scheduled for 7.15 pm on Wednesday, as there is no climate to play the game in consideration of all that Henzel has represented for Chapecoense, and for respect for the family and the friends".

"During his brilliant career, Rafael told the story of Chapecoense in an exceptional way. It had become a symbol of the club's reconstruction and will always be remembered in the green and white pages of this institution. There will always be the memory of his example of overcoming and everything he did, with love, for the team, for the city of Chapecó and for all those who love football "

source: Republic.

The Chapecoense article , the journalist Rafael Henzel, who survived the crash, seems to be the first on the daily Blitz .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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