Euro 2020, the Skillzy mascot presented: the freestyle challenge

Euro 2020, presentata la mascotte Skillzy: parte la sfida di freestyle

Euro 2020, the Skillzy mascot presented: the freestyle challenge

AMSTERDAM – Euro 2020, a European like this has never been seen before. From the unprecedented format of the competition, the tournament will be played in several countries, with the choice of the Skillzy mascot. It is a mascot inspired by freestyle and street football. It was presented in Amsterdam in a spectacular ceremony. Skillzy has launched the challenge to the rest of the world. Everyone will be able to challenge the mascot by sending amateur videos to the UEFA with freestyle-style play. The 24 winners will become the local Freestylers of UEFA EURO 2020 and will have the opportunity to showcase their talent in a series of selected events.

Euro 2020, the European traveling soccer championship

By virtue of the unprecedented touring format of the final tournament stage, due to which there will be no officially qualified teams, and the introduction of the UEFA Nations League, the regulation of European qualifications has been radically changed. In the first phase the 55 nationals belonging to UEFA will be divided into 10 groups, five of which will be composed of 5 teams, while the other five will be composed of 6 teams. The four winners of the League A League of Nations League will be included in groups of five, in order to leave the June window free to dispute the Nations League finals. The first two teams in each group will enter the final phase of the competition directly.

The second phase, called the UEFA European Qualifiers play-off , will be held from March 26th to March 31st 2020 and will see 16 national teams, the first four in the overall rankings of each League League. In the event that the winners of the league groups were already qualified, the teams that follow in the overall league ranking will play the playoffs. If these were already qualified we would proceed with the next league, always taking into account the overall ranking.

source: Wikipedia.

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