Cenk Şahin fired from St Pauli for his pro Erdogan tweet, already has an offer from Turkey

Sahin licenziato squadra Erdogan pubblica offerta su Twitter

Istanbul offered a contract to Sahin, a footballer fired by St Pauli for his support of Erdogan

ROME – After three years of faithful militancy in St Pauli , Cenk Şahin was fired from the German club because he posted a tweet for Erdogan (like many other Turkish footballers in the last hours). Only that in Germany these things are not joked and Sahin was fired in the trunk following the support given to the invasion of Rojava by the Turkish army.

St. Pauli first distanced himself from Sahin's gesture and then terminated the contract with him. In the past, Ozil had been forced to leave the German national team after sharing a photo on social media with Erdogan who would later also be his wedding witness.

Not bad, Cenk Şahin has already received an offer from the Istanbul Basaksehir, a club where he took his first steps in professional football but above all a company very close to the President of the Republic Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Since Sahin was fired for a post published on Twitter, the offer of the Basaksehir was also published on the same social network. In other words, good Sahin, congratulations for your gesture, Turkey and Erdogan are waiting for you with open arms.

Also because Sahin is only the last in a long series. The players who play in Italy – Calhanoglu, Demiral, Under – all gave support to Erdogan either through posts published on social networks or with the gesture of the Turkish military salute. Under could not take part in the Turkish National matches due to injury and for this reason he gave his support to the Turkish military through social networks.

Demiral and Calhanoglu were able to respond to the call of the Turkish national team and gave their support to Erdogan through the Turkish military salute after the goals scored by their national team. An exultation that has not gone unnoticed.

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