Rocco Commisso jokes with John Elkann: “Enough Juventus, now Fiorentina must win”

Commisso Elkan Juventus Fiorentina siparietto divertente a New York

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NEW YORK (UNITED STATES) – On the occasion of Columbus Day in New York, in the United States, there was a nice football curtain between Rocco Commisso and John Elkann that are linked by extra-sports business. Commissioner turned to Elkann asking him not to win in Italy anymore: "Enough Juventus, now Fiorentina must win!"

Elkann's answer is ready: "You said you were cheering Juventus, why did you buy Fiorentina then?" Commisso did not lose his smile and closed the curtain by saying: "I took Fiorentina because you didn't want me from Juventus. Anyway congratulations for what you are doing, I would like to emulate you, indeed I will work hard to do more than you ”. The curtain between Commissioner and Elkann was reported by Sky Sport.

The Municipality of Florence sells the Mercafir area: this is where the new Fiorentina stadium should be born.

The Municipality of Florence, with a resolution of the Council that has just been approved, has decided to put on sale the south sector of the Mercafir area, the fruit and vegetable market in Novoli, to favor the construction of a football stadium, where in the future Fiorentina will have to play , which may be privately owned. The resolution allows the modification of the current urban layout of the area.

The objective "is to make possible the hypothesis of realizing a privately owned stadium, always of public interest, speeding up the times and without committing municipal resources in the future maintenance of the plant".

In recent weeks the theme of a new stadium for Fiorentina has been much debated also because the president Viola Rocco Commisso and his managers repeatedly urged the local authorities to speed up the decisions.

The purple leadership, among the options, is also considering leaving the territory of Florence to probe the possibility of building the stadium in one of the municipalities of the Plain towards Prato. "We have a path defined in ten points that contain innovative elements: we will not use project financing but we will proceed directly to selling the area so the stadium will be owned. This is to encourage total control by the property. We want to finish everything in 48 months: planning more realization of the stadium ", said the mayor of Florence Dario Nardella, speaking of the approved council resolution this morning and adding that he had spoken" with Joe Barone and Rocco Commisso ".

The president of Fiorentina, said Nardella, "seemed pleased". The decision of today's Palazzo Vecchio could unblock the situation and concerns the sale of the southern sector of Mercafir. The sector that will end with a ban, it has been explained, will be 22 hectares (without parking).

"Thus – continued Nardella – the procedure can be further accelerated because they will no longer pose the condition of the Guidoni station and the Peretola junction to start work". "We will proceed – he continued – to modify the plan of the alienations: we will insert this area in the plan of alienations of the immovable property of the commune of Florence. We are ready to tender for the sale in January. It is a public tender ”.

Rocco Commisso, from New York, commented: 'The Municipality of Florence and the mayor Nardella have taken an important step forward to allow those, like us at Fiorentina, to invest in the area, to have certainty and clearer and more streamlined procedures. Concrete possibilities are beginning to be seen to realize an important work such as the new Fiorentina stadium will be ”.

"This is news that we learn with great favor – he added from New York, through the official channels of the club – We will continue our dialogue and meetings with the Municipality and their respective work teams so that we can proceed in an expeditious manner". Commisso's return to Florence is expected by the end of the weekend (Ansa and Sky Sport sources).

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