Castillejo tells about the robbery: “They pointed the gun in my face …”

MILAN – All is well what ends well but which frightens Samu Castillejo…

The footballer was robbed of a luxury watch but luckily it had no physical consequences.

Thanks to his timely report, law enforcement officers immediately found the thieves by returning the watch to the AC Milan player.

Castillejo's statements to Radio Marca are reported by TuttoSport.

“The fright remains, nobody loves to see a gun aimed at his head.

In 20 seconds it was all over: they approached by motorbike, pointed the weapon at me and demanded several times that I handed over the watch.

Fortunately they managed to find who robbed me. "

The two thirty-year-olds suspected of robbing the Milan footballer Samu Castillejo were arrested in a service area of ​​Bettolle , in the province of Arezzo.

The incident occurred in Piazza Principessa Clotilde, in Milan, and the same victim had spoken about it on social media.

Two men had approached him, one of whom armed with a pistol : pointing the weapon in his face, they took a 80 thousand euro watch from his wrist.

After the robbery, the two fled two separate scooters.

The player showed up today at the police headquarters in Milan to file a complaint, collected by the Flying Squad, led by Marco Calì.

Thieves who kidnapped Samu Castillejo arrested.

The lightning investigations made it possible to insert the identifying references of the watch into the police information channels for research.

Shortly afterwards, a patrol of the Arezzo traffic police subsection, during a check in the Bettolle service area of ​​the A1 motorway, stopped two people in a car, who had with them a valuable watch, of the same model. and brand of the one stolen from the Milan player.

The agents of the Polstrada of Arezzo then contacted their colleagues in Milan, at whose offices the Milan player was still located.

The latter, through a photo, recognized the watch and the final reply came with the comparison of the reference indicated by Castillejo .

The two men, thirty-year-old Italians, have been detained.

The Milan mobile team is currently carrying out a search in Brugherio in a house believed to be the "hideout" of the two robbers. (source AGI).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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