Arnaut Danjuma was arrested by mistake: “They always stop me for racism. They accused me of attempted murder “

BOURNEMOUTH (ENGLAND) – The Arnaut Danjuma case has broken out in the Premier League .

The Bornemouth footballer was arrested by mistake on serious charges of attempted murder.

The fact dates back to March 16, before the lockdown of the United Kingdom for the now known events of the coronavirus.

Danjuma was walking through the city center when he was suddenly approached by the police and placed in handcuffs .

Arnaut Danjuma was released almost immediately because he was innocent and his arrest was the result of an exchange of person.

Arnaut Danjuma: "The police always stop me for the color of my skin."

The footballer told of his misadventure during an interview with The Sun.

“It was embarrassing and frustrating at the same time. They just arrested me, without giving me any explanation.

I was walking around the city and going to the Hilton to eat something. Suddenly I was pulled over by a police car.

Two policemen came out of the car and ordered me to get my hands on the fence.

I asked for explanations but they put me in a brutal way saying: "Put your hands on the fence and shut up."

Of course, I didn't resist because I was innocent. After getting my hands on the fence, I asked for an explanation again but they still didn't give it to me.

In the meantime, several passersby started taking pictures and videos of me because they recognized me. I must say it was really embarrassing.

In a short time I went from embarrassed to frustrated and therefore I said words that I shouldn't have said to the policemen.

After a while one of the agents, without apologizing or giving me any explanation, told me that I could go because they had the wrong person.

Although I was arrested for no reason, I decided not to file a complaint because it is only the last of many times …

In these days there has been a lot of talk about racism but the truth is that the cops stop me constantly only for the color of my skin.

It is not a good thing but now I am used to it … ".

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