Cassano: “The real Ronaldo is not a Christian … Totti is getting back ** onendo”

ROME – Antonio Cassano show during a live Instagram with Bobo Vieri .

The former footballer from Rome and Real Madrid crowned Luiz Nazario from Lima , "He is the only true Ronaldo ", and joked about Totti, "But what training , you are getting ** honored …".

Antonio Cassano's statements are reported by the Corriere dello Sport.

“Does Totti train ? But if it does nothing all day !. But which stairs? You are rinc ****** o.

At the 2004 European Championship we could go further. If only you, Bobo Vieri, had been 50% fit we would have reached the semifinal.

I remember a truly stratospheric preparation, with weights and shuttles. You were in perfect shape, then, damn your knee … unfortunately, the moments are.

Stratospheric player, Ronaldo the real one is only one. I remember that he trained when he wanted, now the word Phenomenon is often used .

It was an embarrassing stuff for how strong he was, he kicked from the edge of the pot with ease, he is the greatest center forward in history .

Imagine what stuff could have been with some knees in place. When asked about him, it's out of this world. The greatest center forward in history.

I was calm and relaxed, watching football news. The first thing I do in the morning is to see the news about Federer and Messi.

I sit down and read and after two minutes the bucket of water arrives from my Carolina … ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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