Carpi in Serie B, Bari is furious: “He has four games less, we demand the playoffs”

BARI – Bari players and red and white fans – after the protests of President Luigi De Laurentiis – arise against the hypothesis that emerged yesterday, in the Lega Pro assembly, to sanction the fourth promotion in Serie B with the contested criterion of "sporting merit" which would favor Carpi.

Many footballers (from Antenucci to Frattali ) have posted the word "Respect" on Instagram, with the subtitle "Sentiment that leads us to recognize the rights, dignity of someone or something", in order to claim that the outcome of the season is sanctioned by the field with a final round of play off.

Even the Bari fans, on the official page of the club on Fb, are very disappointed by the hypothesis that the formula of the "sporting merits" benefits Carpi (third in his group) compared to Bari, who won second place in group C .

Carpi in Serie B, Bari officially protests with this release.

"In light of what emerged from today 's Lega Pro Assembly , with particular reference to the proposal to be brought to the attention of the Federal Council for the identification of the fourth promoted in Serie B , I consider the suggested criterion of the 'average points' unacceptable, having the affected teams played a different number of games.

This would be a criterion that can be assessed only if all had played the same number of matches, but remember that Carpi, third in the standings in Group B , even played 4 games less than our 30.

I am sure that the Federal Council, the only body appointed to express itself on the matter, will not be able to take into consideration the proposal that has come about, look carefully, at the end of a heated debate and with a considerable number of abstentions.

We and many other clubs, as it became evident during today's Assembly, are ready to play the promotion to Serie B through the playoffs, as soon as it is possible to play them and in the ways that will be indicated by the competent bodies.

SSC Bari, it is clear, is ready to defend its reasons and rights in all the appropriate venues (source Ansa) ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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