Serie C, the clubs have decided: Monza, Vicenza and Reggina in Serie B. Controversy over Carpi

ROME – After days of negotiations, the Serie C clubs have reached an agreement: to definitively suspend the current championship by promoting in Serie B Monza, Vicenza, Reggina and Carpi .

This action plan was defined after numerous conference calls between the presidents of Serie C clubs and the president of the League Francesco Ghirelli.

To turn this project into law, we will have to wait for the Federal Council to be held in a few days.

If the Federal Council approves this project, the Serie C will be definitively suspended with the promotion to B of the clubs mentioned above.

These four companies were chosen because Monza, Vicenza and Reggina lead their groups while Carpi is the best second.

On the first three no one had any complaints instead there were fierce controversies about Carpi because Bari and Reggio Audace feel defrauded.

In fact, Bari and Audace are also second in the standings but Carpi was preferred because he has an average weighted point higher than the moment of the suspension of the tournament.

This plan does not only talk about the teams promoted in Serie B , which is the most important issue, however, but also about the relegation speech .

The clubs, by mutual agreement, have decided to block relegations and repechage, therefore no team will descend into the "underworld" of amateurism.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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