Capello’s idea: “Serie A like the World Cup with players locked up for 40 days …”

ROME – Fabio Capello has clear ideas on how to restart football in Italy .

According to the former Milan manager, Serie A should copy the World Cup , all games should be played within 40 days with the players locked up in hotels in their spare time.

Capello expressed his thoughts during an interview with Rai Radio1 , Un Giorno da Pecora .

“Football has to start again, it has to do it for all the people who work in this movement.

Not only that, the return of the championship would give some joy to many people who are forced home by the coronavirus pandemic.

I would finish Serie A within 40 days, playing the remaining matches as if they were a World Cup.

During the competition, players should remain locked up in hotels.

Where to play games? Applying the safety rules could be played behind closed doors in all stadiums ".

Then Capello closed his speech by talking about Milan.

"AC Milan? I'd like to understand where we are going.

Kind of like the government.

Who is worse off between the government and the Rossoneri?

AC Milan has not yet moved, the government is moving around on all sides without a clear line. "

So paradoxically is Milan in a better condition?

"Absolutely yes," joked the former Juventus and Real coach (source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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