Vieri a Ventola: “Did Bradley Cooper try it with your wife Kartika Luyet? I would have beaten him … “

MILAN – Bobo Vieri and Nicola Ventola , former Inter players, were the protagonists of a hilarious live Instagram.

During this chat they talked about practically everything, from gossip to football .

First the gossip bombs.

Prima Ventola spoke about Russell Crowe:

"I met him at the Olympic stadium, on the occasion of the Italian Cup final between Juventus and Milan, he was in Rome to promote" The Gladiator in concert ".

I had the opportunity to make his acquaintance thanks to Alessandro Del Piero who is a friend of his.

I promised the Gladiator to visit him in Los Angeles , I want to do it especially for my son who loves cinema.

We will have a nice family outing in Los Angeles, California. "

Then Ventola remembered when actor Bradley Cooper tried it with his wife Kartika Luyet taking advantage of a moment when he had left.

Vieri's reaction immediately:

“Did he attack a button with your wife ? I would have taken the button and stuck it in his c … ".

Finally, the two players remembered May 5 , a very painful page for the colors of Inter .

Ventola closed the speech with these statements.

"But how do I lose?" The only thing that makes me smile about that day there is the phrase by Gigi Di Biagio.

You all refused to talk about May 5, the only fool who will do it on the radio is me. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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