Calciomercato, only Juventus and Naples remained in Icardi. Possible scenarios

Calciomercato Icardi Juventus Napoli

Icardi with the Inter shirt, could move to Napoli or Juventus in this transfer market (photo Ansa)

MILAN – We have entered the final part of the summer transfer market and Mauro Icardi , who has been taken out of the game by Inter, has not yet found accommodation. The footballer would like to move to Juventus while Inter would like to sell him to Napoli to involve him in an exchange of transfers with Arek Milik.

As mentioned, Icardi would like to move to Juventus but this transfer market operation is made very complicated by the conflicting relationship between the two clubs. Inter would be willing to cede Icardi to Juventus only on one condition, through an exchange with Paulo Dybala.

Juve would also be willing to deprive himself of Dybala but only in exchange for cash and does not like the idea of ​​selling it to a rival club. The Bianconeri are doing everything to sell it abroad where the PSG is a more than credible interlocutor.

The PSG is about to sell Neymar to Spain and needs to buy another international striker to replace it. From this point of view, Dybala would be perfect because he is a footballer with the same technical characteristics as the striker of the Brazilian national football team. For the PSG, it would not be a problem to grant Dybala the salary that the Argentine asked, without success, to Manchester United.

Given the difficulties of the transfer of transfers between Inter and Juventus, the Nerazzurri returned to talk with a certain insistence with Napoli. The Neapolitans would gladly buy Mauro Icardi and would also be willing to engage in an exchange with Arek Milik.

Antonio Conte wanted Edin Dzeko but he would also like to embrace Milik because the Napoli striker has technical characteristics similar to those of the Bosnian. He is a center forward but knows how to play together with his teammates and has a remarkable technique that also allows him to be an excellent punishment shooter.

Now we have to convince Icardi that he continues to think only of Juventus but that in the end he will have to fall back on Napoli as the most credible alternative is a year in the stands.

The Calciomercato article , only Juventus and Naples remained in Icardi. The possible scenarios seem to be the first on daily Blitz .

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