Ciro Immobile and Jessica Melena parents for the third time, Mattia was born

Ciro Immobile Jessica Melena figlio Mattia

Ciro Immobile and Jessica Melena celebrate the birth of their son Mattia through this story on Instagram

ROME – In the end the boy so much desired by the couple arrived, Ciro Immobile and Jessica Melena became parents for the third time. Mattia was born to join his two daughters Michela and Giorgia.

The Lazio striker celebrated the birth of his third child through a story published on Instagram: "Welcome love, we love you". The Campania striker is in seventh heaven and plans to dedicate his next goal to his third newborn son.

Lazio has returned to training in preparation for the start of the championship.

Morning training for the team coached by Simone Inzaghi who, today, found himself on the Central Field of the Formello Sports Center starting at 09.30.

Athletic warm-up at the beginning of the session for the biancocelesti who later passed to some bulls. The training ended with a large technical phase focused on crosses and shots on goal.

Tomorrow there will be a morning workout.

Lazio, the season ticket campaign will reopen after the derby against Roma.

Marco Canigiani, manager of biancoceleste marketing, spoke at the Lazio Style Radio, FM 89.3 microphones to talk about the progress of the season ticket of the biancoceleste company. Your statements are reported in full on the Lazio website.

"After the closing on August 23rd, the season ticket campaign will reopen. Usually we kept it open but this year, given the derby, there will be a pause to allow the free sale of the match against Roma. Obviously, subscribing by 23 would certainly be cheaper.

We have exceeded 17 thousand units, next week I expect a final rush. At the moment there is still availability in all sectors. For the derby instead the Monte Mario Central Tribune will be sold for the first time, but these will be provisional: this is why they will not be available for the subscription.

The three current shirts are going very well, especially the white one: we will then consider whether to make one for the 120 years of Lazio. Finally, I confirm that the bus sharing will start for the derby but we are also working on other news. The same goes for the sponsor, on which we are evaluating some hypotheses "(source: the official website of Lazio).

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