Calciomercato, Inter or Juventus? Tonali has chosen his future …

MILAN – It is always a transfer market. Even during the coronavirus. Inter and Juventus are pressing on Sandro Tonali.

Because of the virus, the price of his tag has dropped from 50 to 30 million euros. Now taking it is a real bargain …

Both clubs are ready to meet Brescia's requests , now the decision is up to the blue midfielder.

The "new Pirlo" would have chosen Inter. At least this is what is made known by sources very close to the player.

The Nerazzurri would be ready to take it with an offer of thirty million euros plus one of the many jewels of their youth sector ( we talk about Fonseca …).

Matias Fonseca is a 2001 class who has done very well in the ranks of Inter Primavera. The son of the former Roma player also scored a hat trick in the Youth League .

Brescia could be his great opportunity to debut in professional football (an attack formed by Balotelli and Fonseca would not be bad …).

In the last few hours there has been a lot of talk about Tonali and its future. The midfielder is a predestined and in the last matches of the national team he has also played as a starter.

Mancini counts on him for Euro 2021 . According to the teammate of Nazionale Acerbi, Tonali and Zaniolo are the two strongest young men in circulation.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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