Calciomercato Fiorentina, is it made for Ribery: announcement already in the day?

Calciomercato Fiorentina Ribery stipendio offerta cifre operazione mercato

Ribery with the shirt of Bayern Monaco, could be Fiorentina's next transfer market (photo Ansa)

FLORENCE – The dream is about to come true, Frank Ribery is very close to signing with Fiorentina. Negative negotiations for his return to Marseille, Ribery chose Fiorentina as a privileged interlocutor, preferring it to offers from Russia and China. To please him, the viola presented a very high offer for those that are Fiorentina's transfer market standards.

As Il Corriere dello Sport and La Gazzetta dello Sport write, the definition of the deal could arrive in the afternoon, the distance between request and offer has been filled: the viola company has satisfied the French outside with a biennial of about 4.5 million euros per season. Ribery, which should be announced today, should support medical visits with Fiorentina tomorrow.

Not only the transfer market, Montella: "Fiorentina holds the Italian Cup".

"We all have a lot to do with the Italian Cup, which is why the best possible Fiorentina was used to do well against Monza". Through the official channels of the club, Vincenzo Montella spoke thus of the game at the Franks against Monza.
"There is so much trust in the team – continued the viola coach -. The President of the Commission has brought so much enthusiasm and the fans believe in this new path, we must treasure it and feed it with results and performance even if there is still much to do ".

Montella also spoke of the Monza of Berlusconi and Galliani, old acquaintances of the former Roma coach from the Rossoneri era: "Monza is a good team. We knew we were facing a dangerous opponent, fresh from the success at Benevento, so we remained focused throughout the match, we also trained in Ferragosto as a demonstration of how much we are charged. In official competitions there is an absolute need to win, so I deployed the best possible training at this time of the season "(sources Ansa and Il Corriere dello Sport).

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