Calciomercato, Chiesa wants to leave Fiorentina. Barone: “Not even a billion”

Calciomercato Juventus Chiesa Fiorentina cessione Barone

Church celebrates after a victory with Fiorentina. He would like to move to Juventus in this transfer market (photo Ansa)

NEW YORK – Federico Chiesa would have asked for the sale to Fiorentina but would have cashed the net no of the new American property that would not present itself to the new fans with the sale of the strongest player of the rose. Chiesa would have asked for the transfer because it would like to move to Juventus during this transfer market.

As Il Corriere dello Sport writes, Fiorentina players were at lunch in the Italian market on Arthur Avenue; while Rocco Commisso and his staff in the trattoria opposite, from Enzo's. Joe Barone received a surprise call from Federico Chiesa, who wanted to talk face to face with Rocco Commisso's right arm.

The two set off for 186th street, along Arthur Avenue, and then entered another restaurant, Zero Otto Nove. They went up to the first floor and incredibly started talking in front of some witnesses.

Calciomercato, Chiesa-Barone: their dialogue is reported by the Corriere dello Sport.

Federico Chiesa: «I want to go away, the time has come, I need new stimuli, I'm sorry. Where do I want to go? I don't know, there's no one for now. Talk to my father. "

Hard reply from Baron, the right arm of the new Fiorentina patron Rocco Commisso: “Rocco Commisso has already said that you are not allowed in his presentation press conference. He promised it to the purple fans and to a child admitted to the Mayer. Federico, but if there is no one, why are you in such a hurry to leave? Who's behind it? Which team? I've already talked to your father and I have nothing more to say to him. But as these rumors continue to come out about your future, then you and he will come out into the open, to say that you want to leave.

Tell the fans, explain it, take responsibility for your choice. In any case, we won't sell you even if we get a billion bid. Rocco doesn't need your money. We didn't buy you, we bought Fiorentina and all the players have to go back to honoring the shirt "(source Il Corriere dello Sport, article signed by Massimo Basile).

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