Inter takes over, United wants 85 million for Lukaku: Zhang says no

Calciomercato Inter Lukaku scambio Perisic

Lukaku and Conte speak in the field. Inter wants it as a transfer market shot (photo by Ansa)

SINGAPORE – Inter didn't dry at Manchester United for Romelu Lukaku. The English club has asked for 85 million euros for its titular center forward, Zhang has refused without even thinking about it because he considers this request out of business. Although Lukaku is the first choice of the new coach Antonio Conte, who complained about his failure to arrive even in the press room, the Chinese have no intention of paying that money to Manchester United.

The two companies left abruptly but the negotiations could be reopened by the inclusion of Ivan Perisic as a trading pawn. The Croatian midfielder was interested in the English club a few years ago. Inter hopes that United is still interested in the player already rejected by Antonio Conte.

Calciomercato Inter, Conte: "My indications for the good of the team".

"As for the market and for the names that circulate, I think that reflections will be made and decisions will be taken for the good of Inter, taking into account everything, not just the field". Inter coach Antonio Conte said in a press conference in Nanjing on the eve of the match against Juventus for the International Champions Cup. His statements are reported by Ansa.

"I've never been close to returning to Juventus, I never received a call. Inter has always been to show great interest and great affection. I therefore feel a great responsibility to create something important ".

"Against Juventus it will be an important friendly match, playing these games helps to assimilate the game concepts we work on". "We will try to play a good game and we hope to see improvements beyond the result," he added. Surely there will be excitement on my part, then there will be the kick-off and Juve will be an opponent for me "(source Ansa).

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