Barbara Bonansea, her b-side makes Italians FOTO go crazy

Barbara Bonansea, il suo lato b fa impazzire gli italiani FOTO

Barbara Bonansea, her b-side makes Italians go crazy FOTO (still TV picture)

MONTPELLIER – The National Women's Team has really conquered everyone. Her players are now real stars on social networks. Barbara Bonansea, who is one of the most beautiful players in the French World Cup, is making Italians go crazy both on social networks and on television.

The cameras of Sky and RAI, have immortalized his side b while the player was on the ground because he had suffered a hard foul by an opponent. They had never done it, from that moment on, the photo of his side b turns unstoppable on social networks, like an image of a calendar for the joy of all the boys online.

Although Bonansea prefers that we talk about her football exploits, surely her physical appearance is helping her and not a little to grow, also in terms of followers, on social networks.

After the success on China, which qualified Italy in the quarter-finals of the World Cup, where it will face the Netherlands, the Juventus striker posted the following polemical message against the haters of women's football.

"Ever stronger, We against all. Because perhaps you now believe that we are better off in the field than in the kitchen.
We are among the 8 best in the world and we don't give up. Nothing! # bb11 #nationalfeminine #ragazzemondiali ".

Italy is playing a world championship to scream and our players, who are beautiful and good, are reaping the success they deserve. Italy was included in a prohibitive group with Australia, Brazil and Jamaica. Despite the predictions of the start of the tournament they did not give her chances of qualifying, our national team won against Australia and Jamaica gaining the top spot.

In the last round of the group stage, Italy lost against Brazil because of a non-existent penalty but it was a painless defeat because the Italians won the group anyway.

In the second round they won clearly against China and are now expected to face the super challenge against the Netherlands on Saturday. A place in the semifinals is up for grabs. Our girls don't want to stop dreaming and making us dream.

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