Balotelli: “Totti never apologized for the 2010 kick”

BRESCIA- Mario Balotelli has returned to talk about the 2010 Italian Cup final, the one where he received a kick from Francesco Totti.

The Brescia striker recalled that episode during a direct Instagram with his friend and influencer Damiano Er Faina.

Mario Balotelli's declarations are reported by

“Totti's kick? At that moment I realized that I was not the problem, he made a bad foul and took the red.

What was I supposed to tell him? He hasn't apologized over the years, but I know he wasn't angry at me.

Being a footballer is hard, I don't say economically, but in general.

In the top flight you have to have a really strong character, there are many who risk getting lost, making mistakes, it's not easy.

I was lucky enough to have two families behind me who love me and I am grateful for this.

The pressures are many, the newspapers and the televisions are many, you must have your 'I' to overcome the difficulties.

The world of football is ugly, my mom made me play small basketball, judo, athletics, she wanted me to become attached to another sport, she hoped I wasn't a footballer but in the end I chose football ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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