Balzaretti: “When Totti scored from midfield we abandoned training”

ROME – Federico Balzaretti gave an interview to Dazn where he talked about his experience with the Roma shirt.

Balzaretti focused mainly on Francesco Totti and his incredible training games.

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“Once in a training session I remember a goal from the middle of the pitch more or less with a play of yours, the ones that came to receive the bank ball and pitted.

But there he shot at the door, more or less from 50 meters and I remember that we asked to stop the training saying 'ok enough it's finished, let's go inside, because we can't see better than what we have seen at the moment' .

He made many, like this he may have made it similar five more times. "

“In training every day was a goal like the ones we see in San Siro, a workhorse the spoon, really in every training he did it, just as you play, tunnel, it was a show.

He also won many games because the coach was very conditioned by making him win, he made his fact of being Totti weigh in the match, so usually whoever was with him in the team usually won.

There was always the ranking, it was fun, a way to play: with Rudi Garcia then whoever won the most matches in the month won the shirt. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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