Atalanta-Inter 4-1, Spalletti collapses in Bergamo: Naples and Juve go away

Atalanta-Inter 4-1 highlights: Hateboer, Icardi e Mancini VIDEO GOL

Atalanta-Inter 4-1 highlights: Hateboer, Icardi and Mancini VIDEO GOL (Ansa)

BERGAMO, ATLETI AZZURRI STADIUM – Atalanta-Inter 4-1, goals: Hateboer (Atalanta), Icardi (Inter), Mancini (Atalanta), Djimsiti (Atalanta) and Papu Gomez (Atalanta).

The Inter is unhooked from the step of honor of the podium slowing down the march after deluding himself of having caught her thanks to a generous penalty, Atalanta is careful not to stop her own: with this they make four in a row. The 4 to 1 served to the former second in the standings makes a leap forward to the local Nerazzurri in a ranking still rather short, but on the threshold of the third break for the national teams it is now clear that the Europa League for the men of Gasperini ( only two changes against the three of the neighbor) is anything but a chimera.

At the start Spalletti's team seems to already be the main course of the match at lunchtime, undergoing the strong forcing of 3-4-1-2 of others, and at 2 'is the former Gagliardini to remove the chestnuts from the fire to Handanovic stopping Hateboer's spear on the Gosens crosspiece. On 4 'the Dutchman is offside on the Inter goalkeeper's flight to repel the right-wing Zapata on the Ilicic-Gomez axis, but within the five-lap time he scores the cut in front of the second pole, still splitting on the German cross from the 'left out.

The third lunge in series of the case tulip is that good for the advantage, thanks to a perfect cut and split at the height of the second pole, prompted by the fund from the German full-back. A round of hands and the wood-Handa couple avoids the encore, when the Slovenian playmaker triggers the low ball of Gomez D'Ambrosio deflects on the post before the goalkeeper's refusal to avoid the tap-in of Zapata.

A monologue: at 13 'the Slovenian national team saves with the body in a corner on the inclusion of Ilicic, served by Zapata; at 22 'the same compatriot the grace smoothing the low ball of the Colombian, launched by the Papu. The Milanese are seen by the parties of Berisha only with a shot from the flag shredded with clenched fists, until the bet to the bottom of Asamoah on 28 ': Icardi if found on the foot, Djimsiti is saved in the foul.

At 31 'Gosens take the enemy bulwark using a second ball from corner, three minutes and Perisic cut the area to rise on the soak of Vecino but raises the aim. At 37 'Zapata is drinking Skriniar on the opening of Ilicic, who grants Maurito, catching only the outside of the network, 40' Miranda dives providentially to say no to Zapata and in the final part of the San Handanovic is still to avoid trouble : at 44 'bar the pace to Ilicic on the papu's lead, then on Toloi launched by Freuler.

All parades with opponents in the small area, all errors paid at a high price in the first case from the second half of the second half, because at the end of 22 seconds there is the svirgolata on postponement of Berisha fishing Politano, whose attempt to turn around arm close to Mancini: for Maresca is a penalty, Icardi holds the low ball and draws from the penalty spot. Spalletti has already included Borja Valero for Vecino, here is Castagne for Toloi with the consequent withdrawal of the lead in the third line.

At 17 'orobici again ahead thanks to Mancini, the third goal in a row, which takes the lift on the punishment of Ilicic from the left and bags head. From there Keita enters for Politano, then the Gasp closes with Pasalic to crowd the lines in place of Zapata, before the opposing counter attack Miranda-Vrsaljko. Atalanta tends to manage and an asphyxiated Inter gets nervous, with Borja bleeding from the nose to protest vibrato for a handful of the admonished Gomez, while Gagliardini rises in the sky from corner (37 ') without the ball lowering into the mirror.

The 4-2-3-1 host finds no outlets and on the inactive situations the markings jump cheerfully, so that two from the ninetieth Djimsiti punishes the defense framing another free-kick by Ilicic, almost a short corner. And towards the fourth recovery there is room for Gomez who converges from the left hand leaving a fireball around the opposite intersection, Brozovic already in the shower for the strike in Ilicic cost him the second yellow.

The report cards of Atalanta-Inter 4-1

Atalanta beats Inter 4-1 (1-0) ATALANTA (3-4-1-2): Berisha 6, Toloi 6.5 (11 'st Castagne 6.5), Djimsiti 7, Mancini 7, Hateboer 7, de Roon 6.5, Freuler 6.5 , Gosens 7, Gomez 7.5, Ilicic 6.5, Zapata 6.5 (26 'st Pasalic 6). (31 Rossi, 95 Gollini, 13 Bettella, 53 Ali Adnan, 4 Valzania, 22 Pessina, 44 Kulusevski, 24 Rigoni, 99 Barrow). All .: Gasperini 7.5.

INTER (4-3-3): Handanovic 5.5, D'Ambrosio 5.5, Skriniar 5.5, Miranda 6 (21 'st Vrsaljko 6), Asamoah 6, Vecino 5.5 (1' St Borja Valero 5.5), Brozovic 4.5, Gagliardini 6, Politano 6 (21 'st Keita 5.5), Icardi 6, Perisic 6. (27 Padelli, 6 de Vrij, 13 Ranocchia, 29 Dalbert, 14 Nainggolan, 15 Joao Mario, 87 Candreva, 10 Lautaro). All .: Spalletti 4.5.

Referee: Maresca di Napoli 5.5. Networks: in the pt 9 'Hateboer, in st 2' rig. Icardi, 17 'Mancini, 43' Djimsiti, 48 'Gomez. Angles: 9-6 for Atalanta. Recovery: 2 'and 5'. Ammonites: Vecino, Brozovic, Skriniar, Hateboer, Gagliardini, de Roon, Gomez. Expelled: Brozovic at 47 'st for the sum of yellow cards (foul play). Spectators: 20.633, of which 5.068 are paying (168.424 euros collection) and 15,565 subscribers (194.249.60 euros).

** THE GOALS – 9 'pt: Gosens from the bottom imbecca the cut on the second pole of Hateboer that rests in split. – 2 'st: hands of Mancini on the attempt to turn Politano, Icardi turns the penalty by pulling low nell'angolino to the left of Berisha. – 17 'st: a free kick from the left side of Ilicic and a header from Mancini's sack. – 43 'st: Djimsiti drops the tris standing on Ilicic's free-kick from the left outs, almost from the bottom. – 48 'st: Gomez converges from the left and leaves a fireball that lowers under the opposite intersection.

The highlights of Atalanta-Inter 4-1

Gol Atalanta. Cross by Gosens, empty exit by Samir Handanovic and Hateboer's empty net.

Draw Inter. Hand of Mancini on the cross of Politano, penalty for the Nerazzurri. From the eleven meters he did not mistake Icardi.

Gol Atalanta. Head network of the "bomber" defender Mancini. The young Atalantino took the time at Miranda and beat Handanovic by two steps. This time, the Slovenian goalkeeper has no responsibility.

Gol Atalanta. Djimsiti, former defender of Frosinone, took the time to Mauro Icardi and scored the third network of today's "Goddess".

Gol Atalanta. Papu Gomez scores at the end of a great performance. A goal that left an incredulous Samir Handanovic immobile.

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