Roma-Sampdoria 4-1 highlights and report cards, Juan Jesus-Schick-El Shaarawy-Defrel VIDEO GOL

Roma-Sampdoria 4-1 highlights, pagelle e video gol

Roma-Sampdoria 4-1 highlights, report cards and goal video

ROME, OLYMPIC STADIUM – Roma-Sampdoria 4-1, goals: Juan Jesus 20 ', Patrik Schick 59', Stephan El Shaarawy 72 'and 92', Defrel 88 ' . Match valid for the Italian Serie A football league

The Schick version of Rome plays poker against a far too ridiculous Samp, which starts at a gallop and, within a quarter of an hour, goes off slowly, giving the initiative to Florenzi and his companions.

The final 4-1, which contains a goal from the film library of El Shaarawy, is the mirror of a sparkling match and, all in all, even fun, played between two teams that have not looked after the consequences of their attitude on the pitch. In particular, Samp has confirmed a natural tendency to the proposition, rather than the destruction of the opposing plots.

Of course, the rose is what it is, so you can not expect miracles. Roma minimizes the turn-over and Di Francesco gives Schick another chance, placing him at the center of the attack, so as to allow a rest – at least from the beginning – to Dzeko. Against his 'ex' team, however, the ceko seems to repeat the usual refrain. Its low consistency in the offensive area is touched by hand and the public rumbles. Little continues the test of Kluivert, of another consistency the performance of El Shaarawy, which is a certainty and signs a 3-0 with flakes, which recalls the feat of the 'Neapolitan' Mertens always at the Olimpico, but against Lazio.

The Samp, under the eyes of President Ferrero, part to the whole and to the 2 ', with Vieira, goes close to the goal, engaging in a not easy intervention Olsen, after a reckless passage of El Shaarawy. You have to wait 17 'to see Rome forward: Cristante directs towards Audero, who para. And 'the starter of the goal that Juan Jesus breaks Cristante, good at leading head to the far post and overcome Audero, but the Brazilian is attached to the goal, touching the ball before I cross the line. The Samp does not punish and then Kolarov thinks, striking the head of his own goal, to give a chill to the South corner (33 '), after a free kick by Ramirez.

On the 35 ', on the opposite side, Kluivert returns the post, stamping the wood of the right door this time. The recovery opens with a shiver for Rome, as Irrati 9 'grants a penalty following a contact Manolas-Ramires; the referee then goes on to review the episode at the Var and cancels his decision. At 14 'Schick, a true combination from El Shaarawy-Kolarov on the left and the Olimpico is all for him.

For the Czech it seems the end of a nightmare, a pity that soon after he is forced to leave the painful field. El Shaarawy at the 27 'sets the trio, with a stunning goal, guessing the' seven 'of Audero with a very precise parabola while backing away. The same 'Pharaoh', after the Var denies a penalty to Rome, makes poker, easily stuffing a short repulsed Audero. All soon after the goal of the flag of Defrel, which does not exult, but does not avoid the whistles too. At Rome, however, only applause.

The report cards of Roma-Sampdoria 4-1

Rome beat Sampdoria 4-1 (1-0). Rome (4-2-3-1): Olsen 6.5, Florenzi 6, Manolas 6, Juan Jesùs 6, Kolarov 6.5, Cristante 6.5. Nzonzi 6, Kluivert 6 (36 'st Under sv), Lo. Pellegrini 6 (33 'st Zaniolo sv), El Shaarawy 8, Schick 6 (24' st Dzeko 6). (63 Fuzato, 83 Mirante, 20 Fazio, 15 Marcano, 18 Santon, 19 Coric). All .: Di Francesco 6.5.

Sampdoria (4-3-1-2): Audero 6, Bereszynski 5, Andersen 5.5, Colley 6, Murru 5.5, Vieira 6, Praet 5 (1 'st Jankto 5), Linetty 5 (23' st Sala 5.5), Ramirez 6, Caprari 5 (36 'st Kownacki sv), Defrel 6.5. (33 Rafael, 72 Belec, 18 Leverbe, 26 Tonelli, 6 Ekdal, 22 Tavares Junior, 5 Saponara, 25 Ferrari, 27 Quagliarella). All .: Giampaolo 5.5.

Referee: Irrati di Pistoia 5.5. Networks: in the 20th century Juan Jesus; in st 14 'Schick, 27' and 48 'El Shaarawy, 44' Defrel. Ammoniti: Linetty and Florenzi for a foul play. Angles: 7-7. Recovery: 0 'and 5'. Var: 2. Spectators: 37.582, for a collection of € 1,157,844.00.

** I GOL ** – 20 'pt: corner from the right for Roma beaten by Loresnzo Pellegrini, collects Cristante's header and ends in goal, beating Audero. On the second post, however, it touches Juan Jesus who thus assumes the paternity of the goal of the advantage. – 14 'st: Roma doubles with an action in speed on the left, initiated by El Shaarawy, perfected by Kolarov, with a lightning overlap, and concluded by Schick, with a touch low shot.

– 27 'st: El Shaarawy penetrates to the left of the area, tries to skip Audero who takes the ball away from him. The 'Pharaoh' recovers the ball, takes a few steps back and mockery the goalkeeper Dorian with a parabolic lift that sticks on the second pole at half-height. A masterpiece of skill and precision. – 44 'st: Defrel takes advantage of an empty entry by Manolas, checks heel and beats Olsen from close range. – 48 'st: El Shaarawy drops the poker, collecting a short rejection of Audero, on Dzeko's shot-cross, and bagging an empty net.

Rome-Sampdoria highlights 4-1

92 'Stephan El Shaarawy closes the game with a goal at goal. Brace network for the Italian striker.

88 'Defrel returns home with the satisfaction of the flag network.

72 'Third goal for Roma. Stephan El Shaarawy found a network with a right-wing film library that left no way out to an innocent Audero.

64 'penalty awarded to Roma for a hand ball by Colley on El Shaarawy's shot. The referee went to consult the var and decided to remove the shot from eleven meters to the Giallorossi.

59 ' Goal of Rome. El shaarawy starts the action, Kolarov crisscrosses in the middle and Schick sticks by two steps.

54 'Irrati gives Sampdoria a penalty for a contact between Manolas and Ramirez but the VAR saves him from a bad mistake and makes him realize that in reality the Greek did not touch the Sampdoria striker. You stay on the 1-0 for Roma.

20 'Goal of Rome. Bryan Cristante heads towards the goal. His conclusion to the net turns into an assist for Juan Jesus who scores comfortably at the empty goal.

OFFICIAL FORMATIONS Rome (4-2-3-1): Olsen; Florenzi, Manolas, Juan Jesus, Kolarov; Nzonzi, Cristante; Kluivert, Pellegrini, El Shaarawy; Schick. All. Di Francesco Sampdoria (4-3-1-2): Audero; Bereszynski, Colley, Andersen, Murru; Linetty, Ronaldo Vieira, Praet; Ramirez; Defrel, Caprari. All. Giampaolo

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