Atalanta, Gasperini accuses Lazio: “Their release is demented”

Atalanta, Gasperini accuses Lazio: "Their release is demented"

The Lazio statement on Gasperini (photo ANSA)

MANCHESTER – "Rest of my idea, I have only commented on an episode of which I am convinced. And I heard the comments of so many people who played and football. " This is how Gian Piero Gasperini , interviewed by Sky before the start of the finishing training at Etihad Stadium, where tomorrow, Tuesday 22 October, Atalanta will play against Manchester City the third game of his group in the Champions League. "The Lazio statement is insane – he adds -, I never attacked Immobile or Inzaghi".

"I commented on the episode and I still think so – said the Atalanta coach -. I didn't regret the words. I have heard so many comments from former players and managers who played football, but that doesn't mean anything. Having said that, it has now passed, we are ready to play and we go beyond the defense of a position to the bitter end, we think about playing soccer ”.

The question and answer between Gasperini and Lazio

The Atalanta coach had attacked Rocchi's refereeing after the 3-3 at the Olimpico on Saturday afternoon: "In Rome against Lazio there is always something wrong. It is so, very clearly: it happened in the Coppa Italia and today. We take all this, the ranking and the performance, in front of this we can do little. Lazio was relaunched by rigor. They are very serious episodes, I don't say like the one in May, there was a trophy in between. For me there is not even the second penalty, Immobile puts himself in front of De Roon and prevents him from taking the ball ".

Lazio had thus replied to the coach: "We consider the statements made by Gian Piero Gasperini at the end of the match at the Olimpico today to be completely unjustified and unacceptable. According to the Atalanta coach, the result of the tie would have been caused by the address given to the meeting by the refereeing errors related to the two penalties caused by the "clever" simulation of Ciro Immobile, an address that would have renewed the hypothetical referee errors occurred during the final of the Italian Cup won by Lazio last May. Gasperini's statements have no justification in the light of the full and recognized validity of the rigors caused by his team. They also represent an unacceptable offense to the professionalism and fairness of a player like Ciro Immobile who has never resorted to simulations of any sort during his career. The bitterness for a vanished victory is humanly understandable but in no way justifies the attempt to reject the result of the field by formulating imaginative and bizarre theses and questioning the seriousness of an exemplary player like Ciro Immobile ”.

Source: ANSA

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