Rome, Cristante out until 2020. Kalinic out three weeks

Bryan Cristante, Ansa

Bryan Cristante (Ansa archival photo)

ROME – Bryan Cristante is likely to remain stationary until 2020. The confirmations will arrive only in the afternoon but it seems that the Roma midfielder has been found a problem with a pubic tendon and this means that he could also be operated.

If confirmed the initial diagnosis, Cristante, as the Gazzetta dello Sport explains, we will see him again in the field directly in 2020.

Kalinic, also out of the field during the tough trip to Genoa, will be stationary for three weeks. The first examinations speak of first degree injury to the medial collateral of the left knee.

Rome to its lowest terms.

At the moment Fonseca's troop has out due to injury, in addition to Diawara and Pellegrini, even Ünder and Mkhitaryan and against Milan will also not have Kluivert, disqualified.

An endless list, so, rightly, Il Tempo defines the list of injured at home in Rome.

Here is the list drawn up by Time:

Perotti (myotendinous lesion to the femoral rectum), Spinazzola (distraction to the biceps femoris and exacerbation of pain to an old flexor scar), Zappacosta (sun injury), Under (lesion to the biceps femoris), Smalling (adductor fatigue), Pilgrims (fracture of the fifth metatarsal of the foot), Mkhitaryan (tendon injury to the adductor), Zappacosta (rupture of the cruciate ligament of the knee), Diawara (injury to the medial meniscus of the knee) and Dzeko (double fracture of the zygomatic arch).

In addition to them, Time explains, there is also “Pastore had some calf discomfort in the summer retreat, Pau Lopezha rested in Austria for a slight fatigue accused with Lecce, Florenzi missed two games and did not answer the call of the National for the flu and finally Cetin had to submit to the extraction of the right-handed molar, a problem that had caused him a viral form in the upper airways ".

Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport, Il Tempo.

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